I wrote a blog in the summer of 2019 about issues with auditing and making some suggestions as to how they could be fixed. The blog was read by a few people and generated a small current of interest in a very narrow circle, until Investors Chronicle magazine suggested publishing it.

I was delighted to get the exposure for this important subject and Algy Hall did a great job of laying the piece out, creating some tables and graphics and asking me to add some charts. The article is in the accounting section of our Library and is attached here in pdf form.

investorschronicle.co.uk-Four simple ways to fix audits.pdf 401 KB

Imagine my surprise when Algy emailed me to tell me that courtesy of that article, I was now an award-winning journalist! He tweeted this:

The award is in the Value and Transparency category of the  CFA UK Journalism Awards 2020. This amuses me for two reasons:

  1. I am not an award-winning journalist. I am not even good enough to be considered a journalist, and I am full of admiration for them, as it's a really difficult job to execute well.   
  2. I have been trying to persuade the CFA Society in London to let me do a follow on course for their members, without success. It's my belief that the CFA is a really tough course, but it needs more analytical training content - my Analyst Academy will equip you to be an equity analyst - I am hoping people will say that it's even better than a CFA, as this ad explains:

Anyway thanks to the CFA Society, and please lobby the FRC in the UK to implement my suggestion on publishing their comment letters. They are listening to me, but the more people who support this initiative, the more likely it is to happen. 

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