My interview with Kyle Bass on the Chinese tech companies and their aggressive accounting has now been published on YouTube. Kyle Bass is well known for having a negative stance on China and the tech stocks are no exception, but it's worth watching.


Watch this before investing in Chinese stocks. 
An interesting eye opener.
Very interesting conversation!
It makes my portfolios by far best performer Scottish Mortgage IT look slightly vulnerable if the Chinese bubble were to burst with 6.3% and 6.2% holdings in Alibaba and Tencent. 

I don't know that that is their worst vulnerability to be honest -  it looks like the US are not going to ban domestic investors from owning these stocks so the potential adverse technical position will not arise. The issue now is nationalisation etc and hard to predict how that plays out, but I suspect no disaster.
Nationalisation of the Chinese private sector seems a complex subject. It is difficult to tell how much control or influence the state has in the private sector however they appear be investing heavily in the tech sector for example. The private sector provides a huge majority of Chinese employment however if the company ownership is increasingly purchased and held by the state, or state owned investment veichles, holding companies etc then that seems close to nationalisation anyway as they must be buying influence rather than simply giving financial support?
I’m only starting to learn about the Chinese economy but it doesn’t seem an easy one to understand.

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