To get my book off to a good start, the Kindle will be just 1.99 for one day on November 24. Please make a note in the diary to buy the book at this daft value investor price and please leave me a review. I am super excited about it as you can see from this video where I open the box with my author copies.  Thanks!

Congrats Steve.
Amazing offer, Steve - it is in the diary!

Any signed hard copies being sold? 😜 Look forward to reading it and hope you are delighted with the copies you have received. 
Ben Briscoe I would not sell the signed copies but would be happy to sign a copy for any of my students. Unfortunately in lockdown so no launch party! There is a competition coming up to win a signed copy and I should do another just for Academy students. The most helpful thing for me would if Academy members could please buy the Kindle and leave a rating which will help sales. Thanks!

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