I was thrilled to be invited as one of the first guests on a new TV channel from famed short seller, Carson Block. I spoke about the accounting techniques which one can use to detect frauds like Patisserie Valerie. My clip is here.

This will be something to watch I think, as the channel should attract some really high quality presenters (they had to start somewhere!), and it's incredibly professionally presented. Check out the graphic, translating my admittedly idiomatic chat.

This was filmed in my living room, using my iPhone, would you believe with a link to New York. They have zoomed right in, and while I thought I was standing in front of appropriate content - you can just make out Freakonomics over my right shoulder - I hadn't realised that Robert Parker's Wine Guide and BBC1 Formula 1 commentator Murray Walker's autobiography stood out quite so much.

This channel is one to watch I am sure and I imagine it will be free, but I am speaking to them next week so will learn more of their plans.

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